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We offer immediate remedy to a roof from damages of leaks, mold, and sheathing in all over the Florida. Our mission is to prevent you from the damages before or after from disasters. We never compromise the quality and provide you the best service. We are not limited to roof tarps, ladder assist, or emergency tree removal, but also we provide windows boarding, sand bags, and hurricane fabric to prevent you from hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Roof Tarps

By inspecting the damaged area, our team will follow all the safety protocols to install a tarp on your roof. We also provide follow-up and consultations, as well as restoration services, to make sure that you are safe in your abode. We cover all of Florida for roof tarp service.

Emergency Tree Removal

The professionals at Category prep and relief adopt the safest practices to make sure that the obstacle could be removed in a way as to cause minimum damage to your property. We strive to provide our customers with the best services and solutions to their problems, so do not hesitate to turn to Category prep and relief for getting rid of a dead tree from your property!

Ladder Assist

We have dedicated professionals on board who take the matter of inspecting your roof for any damages quite seriously. They are equipped with all the tools to make sure that they perform ladder assist inspections to your utmost satisfaction and with your safety as their first priority.

Window Boarding

If you want to prepare beforehand for the storm by boarding up your windows, then look no further because Category prep and relief offer window boarding services to their customers to protect their windows from flying debris during the storm.

Sand bagging

Sandbags are essential when you are preparing yourself for an upcoming storm or a hurricane. Sandbags help divert the storm debris from your property, thereby keeping your home safe from water damage.
Our team at Category prep and relief is just a call away to cater to your needs regarding the installation of sandbags.

Hurricane Fabric

Hurricane fabric is a revolutionary product and we, at Category prep and relief, install it for you to protect your home from any damage that the hurricane season may throw at you. It prevents the pressurization of the building that may otherwise cause the roof to fly off or glasses to shatter. It envelops your home to protect your property from harsh weather conditions.



Heavy Duty and UV-treated material


Non invasive tarp technique.


Fully licensed and insured.


We are just one call away 24/7


30-day warranty provided.


We provide all the labor and material.

We Work With Insurance

30-day warranty provided.